A screenshot of a website.

This project was to partially remake the Fourth National Climate Assessment website, with a focus on keeping it small, so it would work well on slow internet.

A screenshot of a website.

This was a partial remake of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Surveillance Self Defense site.

A screenshot of a website titled Bone Wars.

The requirements for this project were to find an article on Wikipedia and make a website using the contents of the article.

A screenshot of a website titled Priv DC, which is an imaginary conference about privacy.

The assignment was to come up with an imaginary conference and make a responsive website describing the event to those who could potentially attend.

A screenshot of the home page of this website.

This website, my personal portfolio website.

A screenshot of my photography page.

All the photography on my photography page is mine. The tumblr theme is not mine, however.


A poster about the font Avenir. The letter a from in the font is featured several times in different colors and orientations. A photo of the designer and some history is also included.

A poster that was supposed to showcase a font, with several samples of a letter, using text and images from the web.

The front and back of a label for Piccirilli's pesto pasta sauce. It is green with standard food label elements.

The assignment was to create a label for a jar of pasta sauce. The basil leaf is a stock image.

The letters F and D with pieces removed on a black background.

The point of this project was to make a simple monogram for oneself.

A poster showing the shape of China in red, with blue icicles hanging off it. The Olympics logo and 2022 are on it.

We had to make a poster for an upcoming Olympics game, using only two colors and relatively simple shapes.